Dear AOMEI Translators:

AOMEI Technology is very happy and lucky to receive so many requests from warm-hearted volunteers to translate our software. From now on, translators of any language(s) are invited to help us enrich AOMEI product's multi-language database. In this way, all our worldwide users can enjoy localized AOMEI software with ease.

How to Translate?

To start a new translation, please follow the steps below: Here’s an example about how to translate German file.

All you need to do is translate the words behind the "=". Please do not translate "%c", "%d", "%s", "\n", "\n%s", "%ls/%ls", "\n\t\t", "1%", and "2%".
The translation file should be saved in Unicode format.
By sending us your translation, you agree AOMEI Technology is authorized to commercially use your translation. We won't leak any of your privacy to others.

More than Translation

Since our mother tongue is not English, and although we check the English language file and our websites carefully, you may find some errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical blunders, and misuse of words during the translation and on our websites "" and "". We want you to share your insight with us. You’re all welcome to provide feedback, and let us know through email how we’re doing.

Rewards and Honor